If you use a Mac computer and run Wilcom software, you are on your own. If you contact tech support, they will either refuse to even let you state what you need help with or berate you for your hardware choice. I did not know this before I spent thousands of dollars. I wish someone would have warned me, so I am warning you. If you run Wilcom on a Mac, you do not get even basic tech support. It is not stated anywhere on their website that I could find (and I have looked). They do not tell you that until after they have your money.

Google It

If you search Google for Wilcom and Apple, the first two results will be pages on the Wilcom site telling you how to install Wilcom on a Mac. In the blog article How to run Wilcom software on a Mac  “I will recommend using this technology without any hesitation to any Wilcom user who wanted to move to a Mac and keep their Wilcom software, or to any Mac user who wanted to have the best embroidery software.” There is a tiny note at the bottom of the page stating *Please note: research current as of February 2013. This is an independent review only. Wilcom does not provide technical support on hardware devices.  

What that little line is NOT saying is that Wilcom will not provide ANY support if you are using a Mac. You read that right – they will not support their product if you are running windows on a Mac. It does not matter if the issue relates in ANY WAY to the computer you are using. If you admit to running a Mac, the conversation is over and no support for you.

My experience

I recently “upgraded” from E3 to E4. I installed it per the enclosed instructions and was off and running, but I ran into a glitch on some files created in a previous version. It is a fairly new product, these things happen, it is part of using such a complex software. That is what tech support is there for. I went to the Wilcom America site where I purchased the software and located the Technical Support Policy. Now I will admit – I did not realize that the “Chat Now” that popped up may not be for tech support (I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but it is not listed in the policy, so it is possible that is not what it is intended for and I may have erred by using that, but I never got far enough to find out.)

As a digitizer, when a customer has an issue with a design, the first thing I need to know is what they are trying to do and what software/machine they are using. With that in mind, I started my conversation with Selena with that relevant information. Rather than type it out, a screenshot says it all (and yes, I got snarky. It was unprofessional and not my best moment.):

I followed up this conversation with a post in a Facebook group for Wilcom users and a message to support@wilcomamerica.com. In the Facebook group, the tech support manager for Wilcom recognized the problem immediately (I had not deleted E3 after installing E4 – nothing in the instructions told me to). It turns out that unlike what Selena said above “The control Z works on our PC version”, it is an issue that happens regardless of hardware. The fix was quite easy and was entirely unrelated to my computer. Maria encouraged me to call the 1-800 number for support. In the future, I will do that, but I had already sent my email. Maybe they have different people than those who manage the chat and email? Later that evening, I received an email from support@wilcomamerica.com that frankly left me stunned.


Thank you for your queries.

Wilcom was not designed to run on a Mac.
Just because some people are acctually using parellels on Mac systems to run our software
does not mean we will support any issues that occur that maybe Mac related. If you called Apple and told
them you had an issue with Wilcom, what do you think they would say?
The reality is that most of the world still use PC’s
and that is a fact.
Just know that if you choose to use a Mac you run a risk.
Concerning the problems you are having in your Wilcom program we can take a look at this.
We would need for you to send the files you are having trouble with as attachments to us, so that we may escalate them to our development team.
Please explain in detail what you have experienced.
Thank you again for your query.

I have searched the Wilcom America site for “Apple” “Mac” “Parallels” “virtual machine” “boot camp” and I find nothing. As I said above, when I Googled Wilcom and Mac, I found the blog post recommending it as a solution and a page titled “Install ES/DS e3 in a Mac Computer” and the page “Operating System Compatibility” which again instructs users to install a partition and run Wilcom on Boot Camp, Parallels or VM Ware Fusion. Nowhere do I find anything stating that they will not support their software if you follow their recommendations and install Wilcom on a Mac.

I want to be clear, I understand that by running Windows on a Mac using a virtual machine, I run the risk of running into a problem that Wilcom cannot solve. It is a risk I am willing to take. I was NOT aware that they would refuse to talk to me, or be incredibly rude. I am stuck – I have spent thousands of dollars on this software – which really is the top of the line. It can do things that no other software can. If it works. I don’t expect Wilcom to deep dive into compatibility issues between Windows running on a PC vs Windows running on Parallels. I do expect them to run through the basic tech support possibilities, not refuse to even talk to me. If you run a Mac, do not buy Wilcom. That is really sad to say because it is amazing software, but without tech support, the risk is too high. If you use a PC, think long and hard about if these are the people you want to turn to if you have an issue. Who knows what unmentioned sin you may be committing that will set them off at you?

I hate writing this post. I love digitizing and embroidery and I want to be a positive presence in the community. This post is not positive and that is very uncomfortable for me. I feel a responsibility though. All I heard when I was considering a Mac was how great they are and how well they work with creative software – and that is all true. Nobody warned me (because they didn’t know, I’m sure) that I would run into such an issue of non-support. I would have either stuck with PC or not bought Wilcom and I do not want anyone else to have the same regret.

NOTE: This is my personal experience with Wilcom America Tech support regarding their professional software E4 on June 29, 2017. I do not know if Wilcom Hatch support is handled by the same support group or not.

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