I was actually quite impressed by the design that the Bernina software created in my post about autodigitizing. I decided to go back and run the entire clipart set through the autodigitizer and see what happened. Some were almost ok, and some would be a massive waste of time and thread. Here they are in no particular order!

Notice anything missing? My s’mores usually have marshmallow in them, not a gaping hole. The lettering leaves a lot to be desired too.
This raccoon is actually really adorable when you can see the whole thing, like in this In the Hoop Coloring Page
Sometimes random pieces just don’t show up when autodigitizing
The boot actually turned out pretty good, but those letters are rough
I like how it made the tent stakes satin stitch, but it really needs something to divide the tent from the tree behind it on the left side.
That hot dog will be a MESS to stitch out and the white of the eyes is missing. When all of the stitches are running in the same direction in a design like this, there will be gaps between the colors when you stitch it out and it looks very flat.
Those stars are something else! The combination of satin stitch and fill on the letters is never something you would choose to do.
Again, look at those letters. Lettering is something VERY difficult to get right when autodigitizing. The software just has no way of understanding what goes where, so you get bulging, oddly divided letters.
Personally I like marshmallows in my cocoa, not holes. Like the boot above, this will stitch out with gaps between the colors and looks very flat.

Learn all about autodigitizing here

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