Intro to Embrilliance embroidery software

We are so used to software that has sequential levels where you have to have to have a base level software and then upgrade to other levels. Embrilliance is different. Each piece is a fully functioning software on its own so you can purchase one or all of them. Best of all, it works on […]

I love digitizing

My first few posts here were about how challenging digitizing is and what you should think about before buying digitizing software. Those are important considerations, but I’m afraid I may have missed a really important point. I LOVE digitizing. It is an art and a science and it works with my brain. I even go […]

Digitizing embroidery designs for beginners

First, a bit of vocabulary – creating embroidery designs is a process generally called digitizing. The software you need is called digitizing software.┬áThe first thing to figure out is if this really is something you want to do. Many people get a machine and assume that they should make the designs that go on it. […]